Fury   Kubernetes

Don't reinvent the wheel. Fury is a library of Infrastructure as Code tools that empowers your team with state of the art Cloud, Kubernetes and container technologies.

We provide all the Ansible Roles, Terraform Modules and Kubernetes Deployments to easily configure and manage your Kubernetes clusters and underlying cloud infrastructure so that your DevOps team can focus on what matters for your business. We fully support AWS, GCP and On-Prem private clouds.

Our reference architecture is fully OSS and you own 100% of the code.

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Training and Documentation

Shipping tools and technology is not enough. With Fury you also get access to state of the art trainings and premium documentation. Each module, role and chart comes with extensive documentation and your team will have access to our private sandboxed training environment.

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Get dedicated support from a team of Kubernetes and DevOps experts who can help you with questions, troubleshooting, best practices, and maintenance.

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