Kubernetes Fury Distribution

Unleash the Fury of Cloud Native Delivery

Kubernetes Fury is a battle-tested distribution purely based on upstream Kubernetes.

Deploy and manage a stable and production grade Kubernetes Cluster at scale with a comprehensive Cloud Native stack implemented with top-notch CNCF components.


Ready to use

Provision in minutes

Turn-key and dev-friendly solution to provision, upgrade and maintain your Kubernetes clusters. KFD gives you the tools to maintain your Kubernetes clusters' lifecycles fully.


Use what you need

Its unique and modular approach allows you to define an architecture that is specific to your business case. No fluff, no magic, just upstream CNCF components.


Production Grade


Trusted by some of the world largest organizations across the globe to manage their critical workloads.


OSS Modules

Supported, Standardized and OSS Kubernetes Modules for a ready-to-use production grade Kubernetes Infrastructure

Kubernetes Fury Distribution is a free distribution based on OSS modules that allows you to define your go-to Kubernetes architecture.

KFD modules leverage open standards and open tooling to provision and manage your Kubernetes clusters.

Find and inspect the source code on GitHub.


Upgraded and evolving

Constantly updated with latest released Kubernetes and CNCF stack versions, upgrades and security fixes across the whole CNCF sthack.

Agnostic OSS

Upstream & thin

Thin automation layer around distro-less Kubernetes. Ego-less Kubernetes implementation working with upstream Kubernetes and OSS CNCF projects.


Any Vendor, Any Cloud, also on Bare-metal

Runs Anywhere, without vendor lock-ins