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Interactive trainings on Katacoda
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Kubernetes Leading tools and resources

Accelerate Subscription

Gain instant state-of-the-art knowledge with this pack of Reports, Training access to our forums and extensive knowledge. This automated tools will increase your time to market and reduce uncertainty.


State-of-the-art knowledge

Gain insights about the some of the most innovative and helpful Kubernetes projects, as well as some of the most demanding architectural best practices.

Premium resources and trainings

We've tailored some of the most impactful trainings for your team to allow you to increase your time to market and focus on the bussines logic!

Leverage in out experience

Get advantage over our battle-tested knowledge on the Kubernentes ecosystem, with our dedicated forum and community. We know kubernetes and how to unlock your potential

What will you get:

Private Dedicated Forum
An Kubernetes, Infrastructure and Fury Installers and Modules expecific discussion board.
Slack Support
Ask us directly about your Kubernetes journey.
Interactive trainings on Katacoda
Courses that will teach you how to operate Kubernetes how to configure Kubernetes Fury Distribution and more.
Strategic Guides and Reports
The Architectural Guides and Reports with some of the most efficent and problem solving infrastructure architectural patterns.
Premium Kubernetes Modules and Deployments
Our flasgship Enterprise Modules, like the OIDC connector for the permission-manager, the OPA-Notary connector.
A consistent set of rules that can be used into any pipeline to verify the correctness of any Kubernetes manifest.
Battle-tested Keycloak setup that allows single sign-on with Identity Management and Access Management aimed at modern applications and services.
Production-ready MongoDB setup for document-oriented developments.
Provides a curated list of Istio setups that fits into any bussiness size.
Deploy runners for your code in the cluster to accelerate time to market and connectivity.
Setup HA configuration on Kubernetes with out-of-the-box monitoring integrated on Prometheus.
Complete setup of GlusterFS with all the components required to run on top of Kubernentes.
AWS integration for Kubernetes with DynamoDB and KMS to ensure the security of the keys.
Complete stack of Jenkins to be runned on top of any Kubernetes Upstream Distribution.
Feature Request Board
Ask us integrate/modify/create some idea you had in mind. If we find it suitable we will carefully do it.
*Optional Ticket System
Extra Tickets to help you with your kubernetes and fury distribution related problems.

Increate delivery with vendor-freedom

Enterprise Subscription

Join us in out mission to create production-grade upsteam kubernetes that helps you in the skut work. We will partner with you to setup your infrastructure from day zero*.

* We also cover day two operations as well.

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No more vendor-lockings

Using a battle-tested upstream Kubernetes will isolate vendor lockings in the infrastructure layer, so application developers can focus on bussiness-logic ease.

Increased Time to Market

Accelerate the application lifecycle with a well-know fully documented upstream kubernetes distribution and leverage in our SIGHUP team to do all the heavy-lifting for you.


Use the Kubernetes Fury Distribution as building block to instantly deploy your application with all the garanties. Just share your journey with us and focus on your bussiness