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Cloud Native and Infrastructures automation.


Our Open Source Projects

A certified, production-grade Kubernetes distribution, a user-friendly Permission Manager, RBAC and more...

Kubernetes Fury Distribution

Kubernetes Fury Distribution (KFD) is a certified battle-tested Kubernetes distribution based purely on upstream Kubernetes.

Gatekeeper Policy Manager

Gatekeeper Policy Manager is a simple read-only web UI for viewing OPA Gatekeeper policies' status in a Kubernetes Cluster.

Permission Manager

Permission Manager is a project that brings sanity to Kubernetes RBAC and Users management, Web UI FTW.


Our Products

We help organizations adopt cloud native & DevOps technologies by building and maintaining a battle-tested cloud native stack based on Kubernetes and containers open standards.

Kubernetes Fury Distribution

Fury Subscription

Adopting Cloud Native technologies at scale could be challenging. Keeping everything consistent and compliant over time is a hard mission. By combining our Kubernetes distribution with our premium support, you won’t need to worry about any outage, malfunction or unexpected bug happening. When an issue arises, we will take care of fixing it, while you stay focused on your business priorities.

Kubernetes Fury Distribution

Fury Managed

In order to use Cloud Native technologies in production environments, you need best in class knowledge, expertise and skill. With Fury Managed service our team will take care of the setup and maintenance of your infrastructure, leveraging the latest technologies and complying with the strictest company policies and security standards.

Hardened Containers Catalog

SIGHUP Secure Containers

Build your containers images from a trusted source. Hardening images is a time-consuming process. It takes a considerable amount of time to lint, validate, harden and sign all those images. We do it, so our customers do not have to. With SIGHUP Secure Containers Catalog, you do not need to worry about building and maintaining secure base images, exporting standard metrics, and monitoring security vulnerabilities.


Our Services

We help companies adopting Kubernetes & Cloud Native technologies by delivering best-in-class training, consulting services, and by leveraging the latest upstream technologies.


Our mission is to empower customers during their Cloud Native adoption journey. Our team of expert Kubernetes engineers will work with your team to assess the current status and plan together an effective roadmap to solve and overcome whatever is slowing you down or blocking your progress while adopting Kubernetes.


As a CNCF Certified Kubernetes Training Partner, we organize specialized training sessions to support your team members on their path to obtaining the official Kubernetes certifications. We also provide training sessions designed to help companies in speeding up the adoption of the latest DevOps and GitOps practices.


Tech Partners

Our strategic alliances with leading solution and technology providers allow us to continue to be an updated hub of expertise.


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About Us

SIGHUP is a unique, engineering-driven Italian company and an Open Source Software Vendor, focused on the development and automation of enterprise-grade IT infrastructures based on Cloud Native technologies.

We aim to enable every organization to decrease their time to value, to respond faster to change and to introduce new business capabilities thanks to our Kubernetes Fury offering: a collection of technologies, skills and consulting solutions that accelerates the development and deployment of applications on Kubernetes.

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